woensdag 31 december 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everybody,with a lot of fireworks!

maandag 22 december 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!


Good and Worse Moments

Here are some results what I have done lately;a turtle with an interesting shield and a painting
from Monet in 3d. I did more lately but I had also some worse moments with bad results.I always keep the bad pieces, because I learn from them.


woensdag 10 december 2008

A New Pet

Everyone is happy today,because we have a new dog in our silly family.

woensdag 3 december 2008

St Joris and the Dragon(2)

This piece looks more like a dragon.Of course st Joris need a horse but december is an expensive month also for st Joris.


donderdag 27 november 2008

St Joris met a dragon

When I start working on an abstract piece often I have no idea.I hate preparation time and I like to start with clay and paint asap.Often when working the inspiration comes.For this piece I ám thinking of st Joris who met a dragon,as title.Or some fairytale figure that met a giant.


donderdag 20 november 2008

Looks it is Broken(2)

Fashion Tip for a Sharp Dress Man;Put glue over you best suit and roll like a pig in broken pieces of ceramics.Voilá,then wear a yellow tie and new shoes.

maandag 17 november 2008

Look like it s Broken

Some jewelry;I consider to glaze simular pendants, with some lustre.

maandag 10 november 2008

A Blog Block

Every good writer has a block sometimes.I don't know what to say today,so maybe I have a blog block.It is widely thought that writer's block is part of a natural ebb and flow in the creative process.

zondag 2 november 2008

Deserted island

Me,myself and I on a deserted island.
Some pieces for my 'deserted island 'exhibition.

vrijdag 31 oktober 2008


Making sandcastles is a bit like life.One moment you have build a big castle and another moment a wave is coming and then you have a half castle.Another building I did this week was a church.

dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

Broken China

I had a fight with my wife last weekend, and most of our porcelain dinnerware is now broken in pieces.But now I have a lot of small pieces to make some sculptures.

vrijdag 24 oktober 2008


Some other abstract work with 3 little men.


dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

Less Weird

So far so good this week, I did 2 abstract pieces.I ám thinking of adding some little figurative parts to let look the piece less weird,but what? Maybe fishes or people or a little mc donald?

vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

The Client is the King

Not done much claywork this week;I was on the road ,visiting some clients ,and I sold 14 pieces.I have all the tiles in a big basket when I visit a client.Some clients are rough like elephants when searching in the tile basket.

One of my clients broke a tile.In the past I was not that happy when this happens, but now I smile at the client and say "Maybe this brings me luck" thinking at the saying;the client is the king.

donderdag 9 oktober 2008

More Miniatures

Some other caracters and a small portrait try of my daughter.I do that every morning before I start working;one full hour of meditation on one leg.And all my sorrows disappear from my leg into the ground.


woensdag 8 oktober 2008


Moi complaning about pottery?Sometimes on Monday morning before the coffee.But at other times it seems to me the most rewarding job a person could do ever.Not for the money but for the fun while working.Today I did a miniature in clay about a man with big muscles.


zondag 5 oktober 2008


I ám happy with the biscuitporcelain that I use.The pieces are not too glossy and also not to rough.My piece the 'sleepingroom' turned out nice after firing.

Not nice to have a nightmare when sleeping,lucky it happens me not much.My last nightmare was that I has failed in highschool and instead of being a well payed salesman I was forced to became a potter.


vrijdag 3 oktober 2008

donderdag 2 oktober 2008

dinsdag 30 september 2008

maandag 29 september 2008

zondag 28 september 2008

donderdag 25 september 2008

dinsdag 23 september 2008

zondag 21 september 2008

My Cat did it Again

The cat was locked in my studio and has ruined all my
tile work for the show.Now I only can submit work with
a lot of small particles.

vrijdag 19 september 2008


Another brass I have to sand the tail.


donderdag 18 september 2008

maandag 15 september 2008

A Friendly Kiln

Some items came out nicely out the kiln and I decide to attached them to my transport tile.

zondag 14 september 2008

zaterdag 13 september 2008

vrijdag 12 september 2008

The black hole

There is nearly any sun here to take a photo today.Hmm...they are doing an experiment with a black hole nearby...
Some(semi) abstract pieces, curious how they look after firing.

woensdag 10 september 2008


I let the piece dry on the tile so I don't have to touch it anymore before it goes into the kiln.It goes together with the already fired tile in the kiln.

dinsdag 9 september 2008


Don't say a word,I did a portrait attempt of my daughter.She is never generous with compliments and ask me;who is that?