maandag 30 maart 2009

Streetorgan Glazed

I also glazed my Streetorgan for the first time and the sculpture 'the flat earth'.Last but not least Iám working at a 3D minimural about a harbour.Today looks like a nice spring day so I take off the rest of the day.Keep Sculpting.


Happy Eastern

I glazed some of my birds and an angel.I added an extra coat to the parrot.Now I have some gifts for Eastern.

maandag 23 maart 2009

A mural as Sculpture

I ám busy making some sculptures with the idea of a mural.I did this before with the church(see inspirational art)and it gives a surreal effect.Here are a street organ and a world map.Also I fired my kiln and glazed some birds and fishes.

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

The Early Bird

Every morning around 6.00 am, daily work traffic becomes more noisy as the birds in the street for my house.So the birds have decide to start more early with their concert;they begin now at 4.30 am.

woensdag 11 maart 2009

Inspirational Art

I fired my parrot and added another base;it looks a bit as the tower of babel.The other image is a church with people in the foreground.


maandag 9 maart 2009

Angels on the Dancefloor

Sometimes I play with the images in photoshop here are a few;some with angels(a dancing angel and a moonscape).

woensdag 4 maart 2009

Base for Parrot

Some abstract crackle pieces together give a nice base for birds,fishes,statues etc.

Two sides of a Coin

When you are in the Netherlands and looking to the left there are the very dense populated cities.Looking to the right there is the countryside with cows and windmills.It is really close together.So I plan to do both sides in one sculpture.Turning the sculpture will give a different view,something like a coin.

maandag 2 maart 2009

Disappearing of the Lustre

Lustre has to be fired around a certain temp and I overfired the piece and the lustre disappear,also one of the flats broke.Lucky the green and blue lustre is not as much expensive as gold lustre.My city sculpture looks now like a typical dutch city;-very dense- cars,flats,trees packed tight together.Thanks for the reply Katleen,I consider to apply lustre to the car again.

Installation Art

A couple of miniature fishes playing together.