maandag 24 mei 2010

Christmas Mood

It was Whitsin tide last weekend, but for me it was a bit christmas .I want to have a crib ready with christmas, so best is to start early with it.I also made a church model;the notre dame.

maandag 17 mei 2010

Fishtank at Night

A digital retouch image from the fishmodel ,and an elephant in the disco.The musiccar is painted and need another firing.


maandag 10 mei 2010

Contrast for the Details

I like to add textures and small details to my pieces.Then I do a underglaze wash to make the details and textures more visuable. The fish piece is digital exaggerated , to accent the textures.


vrijdag 7 mei 2010

Equine Reliefs and a Bridge

Horse tiles;one fired and one in progress.Further a city bridge over a river,in greenware stage.


dinsdag 4 mei 2010

A firm Hand Shake

A firm hand shake from a circus elephant, a portrait study ,a bonsai tree study,and flowers for mother's day.