zondag 28 februari 2010

The Piece changes through the Weeks

Maybe I have it already said before, but I ám still lyric about the fact, that every part of this collage can be changed or duplicate.The text are added in photoshop for this maquette model,but I plan to do the text by engraving it (in mirrow image) in a piece of blue foam.

This type of foam is very suitable for scratching negative relief(lines,text,etc).Then I press clay on the foam and text occurs in low relief.It is a saying in dutch and means"A person that doesn't make faults makes mostly nothing".

dinsdag 23 februari 2010

Sun,Wind and Water

I fired the particles of -the waiting for the sun piece-.Now the particles are laying on a plate of plywood,changes can still be made.I consider the use of more frequent text in my pieces.The risk when doing text is a typo.

donderdag 18 februari 2010


The snow is melting here in Holland ,and I hope there will be soon nice weather to lay in the sun on the beach.Probably that takes 4 months further.But when the sun shines,it is still nice,to sit or work inside after a window.
I ám doing a relief painting.My canvas is a plate of plaster and I paint with a brush ,a slipapplicator and castingclay.The dots and paint are drying fast.Then I transfer the particles with a paletknife to a tile,porcelain plate or kilnshelf.

dinsdag 16 februari 2010

The Pizza Maiolica

Some fantastic glazing effects;On a transparent or white dry glaze surface I apply a thick layer of glaze glue(or wallpaperglue),and in this thick layer of medium I add some colors with a brush.The colors are floating on the medium,in above example a yellow,a bleach red and a white pigment.After adding with the slipbulb some vitrous engobe and voilá; la pizza maiolica.In 'the clowns car '(the above picture)I have done some of the buttons with this technique.


vrijdag 12 februari 2010

Music Notes(3)

Cutting the musiccar in parts gives a surreal effect,I did the same with the church minimural.


Music Notes(2)

The pieces for my minimurals are very thin.That is no problem because I add them to a plate of plywood or blue foam,when fired.Only there is a problem when the pieces are bone dry.To avoid breaking ,I place them when they are leatherhard on a kiln shelf.
I also glaze the piece raw on the kiln shelf;that is a precision job and any excess glaze on the kiln shelf must be removed with a wet brush and a tissue.I use a glaze glue(or wallpaper glue) to make the glaze an easy to brush on glaze.When dry, I place the piece with the kiln shelf into the kiln,so I don't have to touch the fragile piece anymore.

Music notes(1)

I like to reproduce the musiccar on the blue foam, but with some difference.I have a latex mold of the car.There is nothing fixed permanent of the small particles so I can easy transfer them to another piece.


zondag 7 februari 2010

Wip out and Medium Technique

I ám experimenting with glaze mediums.For example I paint to an already glazed surface a color mixed with a water based medium(a solvent with which paint is thinned to the proper consistency).Then I add a drop of medium in this wet paint mix ( for example with a brush)and crystals occurs.
It looks like an interesting technique, which I like to invest further.About the above picture ,I also did wet in wet painting, and wipe outs with the wipe out stick,also in the wet medium.