zaterdag 30 augustus 2008

Honest People

You readers are honest people.I was nicely surprised that the coin of 2 euro was still there when I return to write to my blog.Today I painted another bass.


vrijdag 29 augustus 2008


A close up of the little fishes.I use the pieces often as habitants of reliefs and they are also nice as pendant or broch to wear.


woensdag 27 augustus 2008

Painting or Playing

Today I went out with my daughter to buy a playstation 2.My daughter is 19 and she likes to play games and to paint.Here is one of her early work.


dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

Pieces Fired with China Paint

China paint is fired between F1382 and F1562.I fired the reliefs low on F1382 because of the red paint.Red paint is easy fired out when temp is too high.


maandag 25 augustus 2008

China Paints

I finished this fish with china paints.


zondag 24 augustus 2008

Much Mucha

Naughty me! Instead of doing fishes and turtles today,I was painting pretty girls after Mucha.


vrijdag 22 augustus 2008

Olympic Gold

I send this fellow to the olympics in Peking.When I put him in water he comes not above to float.Sure he wins a golden medal for underwater swimming.


donderdag 21 augustus 2008

Crackle Glazes

I often use crackle glazes in my work to do backgrounds.This are glazes with a lot of shrinkage when fired.Here a detail of the crackle glaze.


woensdag 20 augustus 2008

Dinner Time

I really can get start a fish restaurant with so many
fishplates.Yesterday perch and today trout.


dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

A Beautiful Day

No day is the same in the live of a potter.Today I painted another fish relief with a perch.


maandag 18 augustus 2008

Money must be funny

Another benefit of being small own boss is when you want to lean money.Then they say;We only lean you money when you above the age of 100 and in company with your parents.Their slogan could be better;at the age of 100 you start to pay the loan back.


zondag 17 augustus 2008

Big Employees and small Bosses

I have always want to be my own boss.But the saying is;you can be better a big employee then a small own boss.I can choose my own working time now ,but often it means that I can work for a part on Sundays too,sometimes it reminds me of the good old times in the 19 Century.Never mind I love my brushes and I don't see it as work.


zaterdag 16 augustus 2008

Fight for your Right to Party

The neighbours downstairs must think last night that I have a new pet;a dancing elephant or something.But it was just my birthday party,it seems to be better to invite next year the neighbours downstairs too.


vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

Your Own Olympics

Firing computers,milling and tracing machines,photoprograms ...The modern potter 2.0.I ám such a helpless baby when unplugged.

BTW about milling and tracing machines; I sell a very affordable tracing machine, to do your relief job.

Special offer;Tracing machine with manual for only $49 + postage.With this machine you can held your own olympics.Excellent to make the medals.


donderdag 14 augustus 2008

From New York to Paris

I ám thinking about a transportation theme.That it is possible to travel with a fast train from New York to Paris or something.


woensdag 13 augustus 2008

Color Use

I start with the dark color first(black or brown) and then I paint back with the white.The other colors I do on top.I use a limited color palet.


dinsdag 12 augustus 2008

The Bad Hairday

I started to wear my hair in a bun because it is too long.Today I took a day off from my brushes and went to the hairdresser.I ordered a 'coupé du pottery'(a pot is placed over the head before cutting).It tooks several attemps and my hair became shorter and shorter.Voilá here the result,I look years younger!


maandag 11 augustus 2008

The Tugboat

I allow the tugboat tile a week to dry before firing.Another screenshot with the reference photo.


zondag 10 augustus 2008

High Oil Prices Solution

Gas prices are to high to go out for a drive.
I think we need cars without a bottom so you can move
the car with your legs,like the flinstones.


zaterdag 9 augustus 2008

Working Horses and Luxe Horses

I live near the worlds biggest harbour,the port of
Rotterdam.I can see the famous cruise ships from our
living room.Today I painted with casting clay a relief.
The tugboat is one of the working horses from the harbour.


vrijdag 8 augustus 2008


Another client will have something uplifting to look at when he wake up.I suggest the text "Who laugh is rich".Not that the text has help me.I laugh a lot early in the morning, especial after a couple of beers at the evening before,but I ám not rich.


donderdag 7 augustus 2008

Protected by the Dog

A client give me the order to make a tile with the text;our dog is family from the wolf.The tile is for the outside of the house.


woensdag 6 augustus 2008

Say Cheese

Today a little fishmural.The fishes had a bit a sad expression at the moment I took the photo,but they have always a lot of fun when I put them back into their aquarium.I have the same; I freeze when in front of a camera.


dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

Home sweet Home

It is good to come home again after a vacation or staycation.This is how my 'souvenir of my staycation' looks after one time firing.Maybe I will add some ochre to the piece and fire it again.


zondag 3 augustus 2008

Beam us up Scotty!

My telephone has ring the whole day.My mailbox is overloaded and the police have had to regulate the traffic in the street where I live.This has all to do with my new video "tracing a print to clay".To avoid further problems,I must make the promise to explain some details of the tracing procedé in my blog later.


zaterdag 2 augustus 2008

The Dogpsychologist gives Advice

Maybe you people are thinking that I was lazy the last days or that I was on vacation.But I have bring my dog to a dog psychologist and have work hard on a video titled; tracing an image to clay.