vrijdag 30 januari 2009

A flying Carpet

Today I tried to sculpt a flying carpet but it don't stay in the air very long.Maybe I added to much passengers on it.This week I did also a lizard with some eggs.What about a lizard as pet?Did you know that if you take good care for your lizard he can be reach the age of 200 years?


dinsdag 20 januari 2009

Fried Chicken

The clients in my restaurant are complaining about the chickens I serve.They are fried to long and when eaten they are giving a heavy feeling in the stomach.
What happens further?I ám working at my 'the voyage of Sinbad the seaman' piece.


woensdag 14 januari 2009

New Years Resolutions

One of my resolutions for the new year was to write more in my blog,but as so often it goes with good resolutions...

Anyway here I ám with the tile ,painted with china paint.