donderdag 26 februari 2009

Expensive Lustre

I ám working out a theme; rich parts and poor parts in the city.To accent the rich parts I buyed some lustre.Buying the lustre makes me also a poor guy because it is very expensive paint.So I lived in one of those flats;in one of the upper appartements in the flat without a elevator.

2 opmerkingen:

Kathleen McGiveron zei

Aww how wonderful! I have never seen in Vancouver in our very contemporary culture any ceramic work like yours. Very original! The images are very relaxing, almost like an old pop-up book!

And lustres are so expensive. I would love to buy gold lustre to accent some thrown pots I'm working on but ...a University student can only buy so much right?

Keep it up, you'll hit it big!

<3 Kathleen

RobHendriks zei

Thanks for your reply.Lustres are expensive but when thinly used and only on parts of a piece you can do long with a bottle of lustre.I overfired the lustre in my city piece so they disappear,but I consider to do the lustre again on the car.